Friday, June 20, 2014

Morning 10 am. Priest is shaving and preparing to go out of his hotel room. He does that in a fine manor and with no hurry. He washes his face and takes a gun and a gun holder and then his jacket and a hat. He looks one more time in the mirror and goes out.
As he passes through the main street some children look at him and few men and women too. He doesn’t look back, he just walks slowly toward the bank.
As he enters two bankers behind the desk stare at him, and one customer fills out some papers. One of the bankers is very nervous and sweaty. As the priest comes to the desk banker stands up makes a step at side and tries to look calm.
Banker: (thoughts – There he is. Looks definitely dangerous. He is armed for sure. Maybe I could turn the alarm. Maybe. Hmmm, well those two bastards warned me, I suppose it is better to cooperate.)
Banker: Hello father, what can I do for you?
Priest: Good morning my son. You could do a lot for me, but I am afraid that my account is modest, and I would like to open a new one, or maybe I can transfer few hundreds without opening new account?
Banker thoughts :( Who are you fooling you dirty rotten…, o what the hell…)
Banker: Father, there is no need to open new account, I can manage for you temporary one so you can withdraw your money. What is the name and address of your host bank?
Priest: Oh thank you. Here it is. (He gives the papers to the banker, and while he takes the paper from the pocket a piece of his gun flashes, but only the banker sees it.)
Banker thoughts: He is armed. Oh God. Well there are people here, witnesses. He is professional, he will not…
Banker: Yes, yes. Aha you are at First National. There should be no problem father. Only…
Priest: Only what?
Banker: Well, this things take some time father. You see, maybe a few hours, wire transfer from bank to bank, authorization of your signature and personal data, you will have to wait some time.
Priest: Ah that. No problem. When should I come for the money? (Priest looks at him very cold.)
Banker sweats like a pig, he became very nervous.
Banker: W, w, w, well, father. Where are you staying, maybe I could bring you the money personally. I mean…
Priest: Why? Wouldn’t you be bothered with such actions? I am not a cripple, I still have my legs and my head.
Banker thoughts: He knows, he definitely knows. Those two retards were right. Oh God have mercy.
Banker: Father. It is no trouble for me. I will bring it to you in a few hours. Where are you staying? It will be very pleasant for you, do not worry.
Father: (looks around at desk, at the security cameras, at the guard sitting near the door, then again at the banker.
Father: Well, OK young man. You can bring it to me at the hotel down the street. But I have some business before that. You can bring it to me in the evening. You see I have some poor souls to confess.
Banker: Sure, sure, no problem father, I will come at 8 if that is OK with you?
Priest: OK young man at 8. Only…
Banker (nervously): Only… what…
Priest: You be sure to bring me appropriately… no mistakes please, and…
Banker: And…
Priest: I will need to come in a few days again to check the balance, you see, my sister can take the money off the account too, so I must check it from time to time.
Banker: Ah of course, no trouble, no problem. You could even call me and I will check it for you.
Priest: Well maybe I will call you then, but I like to deal in person if you follow?
Banker: Yes, yes, everything will be in order, even more…
Priest: OK we will see each other then at 8.
Banker: Of course, at 8. Have a nice day father.
Banker thoughts: Oh that went well, so I must collect money, well the day comes. It was too good to be true. I hope I will live through another day.
Priest is leaving the bank, and looks once more at the cameras and at the guard.
Priest is laying on his bad at the hotel. It is around 1 pm. someone knocks at the door.
Priest: Who is it?
Bartender: It is me, bartender and owner of that saloon. Can I come in father.
Priest: Oh, …(hides the gun below the pillow) Yes, do come in my son.
As the bartender opens the door, priest stands up and smiles.
Priest: Is it the time?
Bartender: T, t… time, excuse me?
Priest: Time for your confession.
Bartender: Oh, that, yes, yes. I came for the confession.
Priest: Then why are you carrying a briefcase my son, do you have some business after the confession.
Bartender: That, oh yes, I do have some business, after the confession. I will explain everything….