Monday, May 26, 2014


Priest comes to a town hotel and entering the lobby calls for service.
Hotel manager comes out and for a moment looks at him examining his face and his clothes.
Hotel manager: Good day priest, how can I be of service?
Priest: Good afternoon my son, I suppose I need a room and good meal if that is possible?
Hotel manager: Of course, this is a house with some reputation, even if it is in a God forgotten town. You just came in time, supper is ready, nothing special, few dishes, but quality matters. As for the room I would suggest number 10 on the first floor, nice view and has a TV.
Priest: Well, that would be just fine, my son, I`ll go up to fresh myself, there is a lot of dust down the road, only I have one question for you.
Hotel manager: Shoot, sorry father, what do you need to know?
Priest: I will need a bank tomorrow, I need to collect some small amount from my modest account, where can I find that Bank, is it near?
Hotel manager: Yes, right behind next corner facing left when you are in front of the hotel.
Priest: Thank you my son, you are so kind.
Priest takes the key and goes toward the stairs, then he stops. He looks at the wall next to him and a group of photos hanging there. Then he turns to a manager.
Priest: Oh, there is one more thing.
Hotel manager: Yes…
Priest: This man in the picture. I think I know him from somewhere.
Manager comes to the priest, looks at the photos and points the finger on one.
Hotel manager: This one father. It is an actor, from some western movies, he died a long time ago. Everyone thinks they know him.
Priest: No. Not him. That one holding the shovel, with the white hat. I am sure I know him.
Then he looks at the manager.
Hotel manager takes a deep breathe, swallows his saliva and starts sweating.
Hotel manager: Hmm, I am not sure, this one?
Priest: Yes, him.
Hotel manager: Hmm, I am not certain, but I could ask some of my friends.
Priest: But why are you having his photo there, and I could be mistaken but I think that that one with the scarf next to him is you, when you were young?
Hotel manager thoughts: He knows, oh, he knows, who he is. What is going on?
Hotel manager: I, I, well he look like me but I…
Priest: Come on be honest, I am God s servant, this is you next to him, you can tell me. Your secrets are safe with me.
Hotel manager: But, but. I. OK that is me, but I can`t I mean, I do not remember, it was so long ago.
Priest: Oh, my son, our past life is something that we cannot forget, no matter how we try. I am sure that you can remember.
Hotel manager turns red and sweats more.
Priest: Oh well, I am tired. Maybe you will tell me about him tomorrow, OK. Think well about it, you have all night. We are all sinners, but we can always remember if we are not sick, you know.
Hotel manager thoughts: He is…, I must take my, oh what now?
Hotel manager: Why sinners, father, I mean what this got to do…
Priest: Look my son I am tired, if you want to tell me OK, if you don’t want OK, but God sees everything and everybody. I am going to my room now.
Priest goes up stairs and in the middle manager stops him.
Hotel manager thoughts: OK think fast. Aha, that is right confession.
Hotel manager: Father, may I have a confession tomorrow?
Priest: Why?
Hotel manager: Well I need one, and you are the priest.
Priest: Oh yes, of course, but can we do it in the afternoon, you see I have one more to confess before you tomorrow?
Hotel manager: Who is confessing?
Priest: Maybe you know him the owner of the saloon down the street.
Hotel manager thoughts: Oh God, we are doomed, I must speak to him…
Hotel manager: Oh, OK father, afternoon is just fine by me, have a good rest.
Priest: Have a nice evening.
Priest goes up the stairs to his room and as soon as the door slammed manager picks up the phone, he dials as fast as he can.
Phone rings and we hear the voice from the other side.
-          Halo! Who is it?
Hotel manager: It is me. When can we meet? It is urgent…


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