Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spohisticated Music

Sophisticated Music

Diablo Swing Orchestra

        One of the best music pieces in last 10 years. I am thrilled that they exist. The intelligent way of their notes and arrangements is fabulous. This is not just another putting the stars into the stars. You must experience what they wanted to do and what they brought to the public. It is not another mix the things and get the soup. It is the new fusion music real fusion. They know all the styles they use and they know them well. From opera through rock, blues, jazz, reggae, ska, even some of the metal and punk elements. This means complexity, this means the real business. They could even start a new music genre if they want, but they far more intelligent and complex for that. They are Unique and they deserve all the attention they can get.
Just listen and feel what they have done!

Mihailo Radosavljevic


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